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During last decades automation of security systems and access control are developing rapidly. In this field risks and responsibility are extremely high, thus consumers and producers of various solutions in security sphere are striving to minimize so called human factor, which in most cases, leads to violation of safety rules and different incidents. Implementation of intellectual systems is almost unlimited, starting from facilitation of security systems operators’ work to complete automation of high-risk objects.

For already several years Video Internet Technologies Company has been actively developing license plate recognition modules for various observation systems. During this period system has grown up from small recognition module to fully-featured product, actively used at different objects with high-risks and/or increased levels of secrecy.


 Module AutoCode for Intellect (ITV/Axxonsoft)
AutoCode is license plate recognition module for Intellect observation system (ITV/Axxonsoft).

Module Autocode for XProtect (Milestone)
AutoCode for Milestone is license plate recognition module designed for installation in XProtect Professional, Enterprise, Essential и Corporate observation systems.

Autocode Parking for VMS
AutoCode Parking VMS is license plate recognition module for NUUO observation system. It is designed for optimization and automation of work on territories with limited access (parkings, parking complexes, checkpoints etc.).

Autocode Traffic for VMS
AutoCode Traffic VMS is license plate recognition module for NUUO observation system. Along with NUUO software AutoCode Traffic allows recognizing license plates on high-speed facilities (roads, highways, bridges etc.), fixing of traffic rules violation, determining transport vehicles from wanted list, making analysis of traffic stream in automatic mode.




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