Hardware projects

On the one hand, working stability of the devise in the environment and in needed exploitation regimes depends on accurate development of hardware. On the other hand, technical progress moves on and electronics is one of the most active developing spheres of modern science. Only by combining of the experience, fundamental knowledge, understanding of modern trends, qualitative hardware can be created. 
The base of our creative team consists of graduators and teachers of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic al University” witch are matched with named above qualities. Also, during the work out in this direction we had got a unique experience and knowledge, which allows us to be the leaders on the hardware development market. 
To date  we have own developments in such directions:

Modules of discrete control AVMOD IO44D, IO44DU

Modules are developed for discrete control of different loads and also for survey of digital inputs state by the usage of RS485 interface or USB.

Outdoor Box  

Hardware complex developed for installation of the electronic equipment in the outdoor conditions or indoor placement requiring a high dust- and waterproof (manufacturing plants, car washes ext.) 
Outdoor Box can be used for CCTV installation. Small sizes and weight allows its installation on the pillars, frames, suspension constructions. 

Video capture card

For the full CCTV system creation not only software is needed but hardware support also: cameras, actuators and video capture card, of course. It’s not a secret, that if company produces both  software and video capture card, it creates a complete product for CCTV from one developer that helps fully use the possibilities of the plates, drivers and software. 
According this, we had developed plates of the video input in computer. At the moment, plate with PCI interface is available. 

USB -oscillograph – IRIS

During development or exploration of different electronic devises it’s often requires measurement of signal parameters and also make a measurement and its decrypt. Few devises are used for solution of these tasks: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, data recorder, logic analyzer / generator. 
As a rule, professional measuring equipment is quite expensive and also it can’t be afforded not only by the radio-amateur –developer but also by a big amount of the firms. We had developed a compact device that combines necessary functions – USB- oscillograph – IRIS. We are developers of this device and we can afford to sell it for a low price. Our oscillograph is available to every radio-amateur, it doesn’t take a lot of space and works reliable upon amateur measurements and upon professional usage. 
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