Overseer Mobile

In many cases number plate recognition systems are needed not only on stationary, but also on the mobile objects. Security services, auto inspection services, and special-purpose vehicles are good examples of mobile objects.

Mobile systems are indispensable for operational investigations and search actions, like forthwith investigation of stolen cars and search of particular cars during anti-terrorist operations.

A car is generally equipped with two wide-angle surveillance cameras oriented along and opposite to the moving direction. Total viewing angle depends on the camera’s model and varies from 240° to 300° degrees. Image processing algorithms, embedded into Overseer Mobile, automatically compensate wide angle distortions, thus, capture and recognition quality of the number plates decrease by less than 5% in comparison with fixed versions.


The highest effect from Overseer Mobile system is achieved under mass introduction and following gathered data analysis. For example, having put over the city map a layer with patrol car routes and car number samplings, fixed by the system, it is possible to analyze routes of recognized cars. Embedded video data and journal archiving tools allow storing gathered data and flexible data search, while processed data limits are practically unrestricted and are defined by the hardware platform, where the analytical complex is installed.

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