Bezpeka 2009

November 2- 5, the Technical security systems exhibition “Bezpeka” is held in Kyiv. It is the biggest Ukrainian exhibition in the field – about 7000 specialists from all over the country take part in it, and the annual participants number is normally more than 100 companies.

At our stand we will present Overseer’s series products:

  • Overseer Traffic – system that oriented first of all at the state, not the commercial institutions. In comparison with parking video surveillance systems, Overseer Traffic is different by high-speed automobile number plate recognition in the video stream – full 25 frames per second. This allows using it in busy places, at intercity and international routes, where car flow is strong and it moves with high speed. There is a possibility of setting flexible operation rules when connection traffic lights of radars to the system.
  • Overseer Parking - video surveillance system having car number recognition function was designed for using at the parkings, passages, control posts, large enterprises (multi-level parkings, plants, airports etc.) or distributed systems at the level of the city or country that need car tracking apart from video surveillance functions. While creating distributed systems Overseer Parking allows creating an unlimited supervision point number, network archives, flexible duty schedule adjustment, and remote administration possibility.
  • FaceCode - face recognition system Overseer Face Code is a software complex designed for automatic stream face recognition and saving received information to the database. Face recognition system Overseer Face Code provides automatic image processing, search, capture, and comparison with the database for its identification. Overseer Face Code implements two functions: face detection function that helps to create a chronological archive of the faces detailed from the general background, and recognition function itself.
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