Autocode Traffic for VMS

Used along with VMS software Autocode Traffic for VMS allows automatically recognize license plate on high-speed objects (such as roads, highways, bridges etc.), record traffic violations, identify vehicles under investigation and analyze traffic flows.

AutoCode Traffic for VMS software complex has the following features:
  • live traffic observation, gathering and analyzing the data;
  • recognized license plates database;
  • license plates archive search option;
  • numerous wanted vehicles lists creation;
  • creating and transmitting alerts to VMS;
  • audio and visual alarms;
  • detailed entries list;
  • photo and video archive creation;
  • multi-level access system.

  • recognition rate – up to 96% (as a result of single-channel Russian plates recognition testing in 2007 during Interpolitech exhibition (PRO System CCTV 05[29] September-October 2007);
  • more than 30 countries’ plates recognition;
  • up to 10 plates recognition per frame.

Unlike most other recognition systems AutoCode Traffic for VMS works perfectly with side cameras positioning:
  • camera’s vertical angle is up to 40°;
  • horizontal angle is up to 30°;
  • license plate angle in respect of the road surface may be up to 10°.


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