Module Autocode for XProtect (Milestone)

AutoCode for Milestone is license plate recognition module, designed for installation in XProtect Professional, Enterprise, Essential and Corporate video surveillance system.
Using AutoCode, you also expand the functionality of this video surveillance system with license plate recognition function that can significantly extend its sphere of application.
This module is installed natively either during setting the object "from scratch" or to extend the functionality of previously installed systems without upgrade expenses.

Autocode for XProtect has a modular structure that allows unlimitedly scale the system by simply adding the necessary modules:
  1. VIT Lpr is car license plate module;
  2. VIT Analytic server – analytics server – Windows service that controls connection settings with XProtect system and recognition channels;
  3. VIT Configurator is a plug-in for Management Application, which allows to perform configuration of all VIT Lrp centrally, directly in Management Application without using additional software.

For example, system can contain one VIT Configurator module and unlimited number of recognition servers with integrated VIT Lpr modules.

AutoCode recognition module is available in 2 versions:
  1. AutoCode;
  2. AutoCode Lite.

AutoCode Lite is designed for optimization and automation of facilities, on which speed of transport vehicles does not exceed 30 km/h: check points, parking lots, parking complexes, customs terminals and territories with limited access.

AutoCode Lite as part of video surveillance system has the following functional features:
  1. video imaging from XProtect
  2. license plate recognition and accompanying information transfer (source, type of event, post ID, etc.) textually to XProtect event system;
  3. recognized license plate database maintenance;
  4. search by recognized license plate archive
  5. video archive formation;
  6. scalable software package;
  7. creation of notifications and control actions in accordance with flexibly customize algorithms.

After AutoCode for Milestone implementation one operator can easily maintain objects housing hundreds of cars without leaving his office.

AutoCode is a high-speed recognition module.

Along with XProtect software AutoCode allows to recognize license plates on high-speed facilities (roads, highways, bridges, etc.), record road traffic regulations violations, identify transport vehicles under investigation, and analyze traffic flows.

AutoCode software package as a part of XProtect video control system has the following functional features:
  1. operating supervision over traffic flows, statistic data collection and analysis;
  2. centralized management over the observation posts;
  3. recognized license plates database maintenance;
  4. search by license plates archive;
  5. visual and audible warning of operator in case of alert events;
  6. generation of notifications and control actions in accordance with flexibly customize algorithms;
  7. photo and video archive formation;
  8. multi-level division of access rights to the system.

  • Recognition rate – up to 96% (the result was obtained during an open independent testing at “Interpolitekh” exhibition in 2007 in single channel mode for Russian license plate type recognition (PRO System CCTV 05[29] 2007 September - October)
  • Recognition of more than 30 countries templates;
  • Up to 10 license plates recognized simultaneously in picture.

Unlike the majority of recognition modules, “AutoCode” works perfectly with side cameras positioning:
  • Vertical tilt angel of camera is set to 40°
  • Horizontal deflection angle – up to 30°
  • License plate bank angle in respect of road way – up to 10°

About video control system XProtect (Milestone)

The Danish company Milestone Systems is a pioneer and world leader in the field of software development with an open architecture, on basis of which security IP-video surveillance systems of any scope are created. In addition to watching and recording video on computer, Milestone software supports all necessary functions to configure, control and manage fixed and tilt IP- cameras. Open architecture and application interfaces (API) allow to integrate this software with other systems, and to work with a wide range of IP- equipment, including more than 400 models of IP- cameras and video servers of 35 manufacturers. Functionality and reliability of different software versions are proved by 35,000 installations of Milestone in 90 countries, and by years of their operation. XProtect software is the core of video control system and combines all the functions needed for a meaningful and highly effective video control through the network.
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