Climatic and vibration tests were successfully conducted for OutdoorBox.

Testing of the industrial computer OutdoorBox for the impact of mechanical and climatic factors was carried out together with Metrology and Testing Department of PE MU “Kievpribor”.

Main objective of the testing was to check working capacity of the OutdoorBox under critical conditions: high vibration and high temperatures.


For vibration resistance, OutdoorBox was tested in complete with specialized shock absorbers.

Test-bench characteristics: acceleration amplitude – 5g, frequency range – from 5 to 500 Hz. The duration of the test was 6h – 2h for each coordinate axis.


For working temperatures testing, OutdoorBox was installed into climatic chamber with temperature of +50C.

Testing was conducted for 5h with maximum load of CPU.


OutdoorBox successfully passed all tests and showed high reliability.


The results of testing were recorded in the protocol which you may download here: Page 1Page 2 , Page 3


Video of tests:



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