Certificate of conformity for industrial computer OutdoorBOX

With a big pleasure inform you, that on the 28th of December 2011 the Certificate of conformity for industrial computer – OutdoorBOX was obtained. It is unique development that hasn’t analogues of efficiency and it is affordable.

The Certificate confirms correspondence of OutdoorBOX to all mandatory requirements of All-Union State Standard ISO 60839-1-3 (par. 5,2: -1, -2, -6), Standard 12997 (par.2,16),  Standard  26342 (par. 4,1; 10,1), Standard 27990 (table  4).

OutdoorBOX in basic equipment (Core i3-530 2,39 GHz, RAM - 2 GB, SSD – 64GB) is designed  to work in conditions of wide operational temperature range (-40… +50°) and  increased dustiness and humidity conditions (protection level IP66). Computer is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port, 11 USB 2.0 ports, 4 SATA2 ports and has possibility of PCI-E x16 upgrade cards installation. System can be operated by vehicle-borne network.
OutdoorBOX features complex allows recommending its usage at building of security and surveillance systems (records up to 64 video channels), automation of production processes, for solving road, rail, air and water transport problems, in agricultural sphere, on the extraction and processing of raw materials and energy sources, etc.
Small size (250250140 mm) and weight (7 kg) allow installation of OutdoorBox on the pillars or suspension structures and also underground.
VIT company’s experience of technical development allows implementing of OutdoorBox base modification revision under any specific technical terms of customer (installation of a self-contained power, extended temperature range, etc.)
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