USB cameras from SDU series connected

Video Internet Technologies Company has integrated the feature of supporting digital cameras of SDU type having USB 2.0 interface produced by SpecTeleTekhnika Company (Russia) into its Overseer software line

CCD matrices produces by SONY and TI, and CMOS matrices produced by MicronTecnology, are used in SDU cameras
SDU digital cameras are designed to obtain high-quality color and black-and-white images, and to transmit them via USB 2.0 interface. Camera power supply is provided from USB interface.

“Camera-computer” cable length can amount up to 5 m. According to customer’s needs, cameras can be packaged with active USB lengtheners that allow increasing the cable length by sections of 5 m. There can be up to 6 such sections that make the cable length up to 30 m.

SDU digital camera features:

  • Wide dynamic range and low noise rate, reached owing to CCD image digitizer use.  
  • High data transmission speed owing to USB 2.0 HighSpeed interface use – up to 20 Mbyte/s.
  • Possibility of connecting up to 127 cameras to one computer (using USB hubs)
  • Pixel collating (binning) option for increasing sensitivity and dynamic range (black-and-white cameras only)
  • Possibility of image partial input (region of interest - ROI) to increase filming frequency of to decrease intensity of data stream transmitted into the computer
  • Possibility of program exposition setting with 1 mcs accuracy in the range from 1 mcs to 4.5 min
  • Using various filming launch modes
  • Possibility of switching to the “sleeping” mode to decrease energy consuming and heat emission. Time required for leaving the “sleeping” mode – up to 0.5 s.
  • Camera firmware upgrade simplicity.

Fields if SDU digital cameras application:

  • Technological process control
  • Technical vision systems
  • Nondestructive control and diagnostics
  • Optical and networking measurements
  • Astronomy
  • Specialized video surveillance systems
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