Fixed in Overseer Parking и Traffic (1.9)

We would like to thank the organizers of the testing of the systems of automobile numbers recognition that took place at the Security Technologies -2010 Forum, for their work. Due to the results of the testing we have revealed an error in the software, which uses our recognition algorithm (Overseer Traffic and Overseer Parking of 1.9 versions). As a result of this error the excess filtering of recognition results has been being performed, consequently, some of the recognized numbers were being lost.

At the moment ours and our partner’s web-sites offer the fixed software versions. We strongly recommend you to update your version to the current one.

To get correct testing results we recommend our partners to carry out an internal testing of number recognition systems of Overseer Traffic and Overseer Parking. The results of our internal testing will be available on the web-site when the exhibition MIPS-2010 comes to end, but now we can already say that as compared to the results before the error have been fixed, the tentative increase of the amount of numbers recognized is 8-12% depending on the quality of video data.

Users of our recognition library (SDK) may not worry, as this error doesn’t concern the recognition algorithm directly.

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